Devin Atsatt

Based out of Seattle Washington, I specialize in outdoor landscape and adventure photography but also love to explore all styles of the craft. Born and raised in the Bay Area, California I spent much of my life exploring both California and the surrounding areas. Never one to sit still, I’m continually on the move both working and traveling. My love for photography and travel have taken me to more than twenty-five countries across five continents as well as forty of the US states, and I have no plans to stop anytime soon.

Most inspired by the richness that nature brings to my life, I am continually astounded by the beauty that exists in this world. Photography, specifically, was the one medium that I could use to capture these places to share them with others. I’m passionate about the conservation of our natural world and hope to use photography as a platform to spread awareness and promote environmentally friendly exploration.

Each one of my photos has a unique story to tell, and these adventurous tales are what keep me inspired. My hope is to share a small taste of what I experience when capturing these places so that the viewer can also experience how I felt, even for just a moment. Without nature, we could not exist. My wish is for my photographs to inspire others to care for nature, understand their impact, and to protect the very thing that gives us life. The world is a beautiful place and I want to keep it that way.