Devin Atsatt

Based out of Seattle Washington Devin is a versatile photographer with work spanning many genres, such as; e-commerce/product, real-estate, landscapes, and wildlife. Attention to detail is key, clean and crisp images are at the heart of Devin’s work. He prides himself on his meticulous work-flow, making sure images are held to the highest standards no matter the genre.

Devin’s photography is clear and concise making for a captivating and enlightening experience when viewing his work. He draws inspiration and knowledge from his formal education in photography at Seattle Pacific University as well as his extensive travels around the world. He believes that to tell a strong story one must balance an open mind and a broad perspective with attention to detail and nuance.

His mission is to inspire action through his photographs, his landscapes to motivate outdoor recreation and conservation, and his commercial work to inspire the exploration of creativity and technical problem-solving. One of Devin's favorite parts about his photographic journey has been meeting and connecting with new, and creative people. Traveling the world has given Devin a deeper appreciation for diversity in all aspects of life. It has taught him how to work and communicate effectively and efficiently with people, while still being kind, understanding, and compassionate.

Devin hopes that with his photography he can make a positive impact on the lives of both his clients and his viewers.